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Porsche Connect App

You can synchronize your destinations and calendar in your smartphone on your PCM, plan journeys with real-time traffic information and enjoy a wide selection of online music. You can also keep track of your Sports Car at all times and control specific vehicle functions with your smartphone.


The Porsche Connect App is the digital interface to your Porsche. Identification is made using the Porsche ID which means you can customize many features in the app to your preferences. It is divided into three main areas: Navigation, My Car, and Me.

With the Porsche Connect App, you can search for destinations and save them as favorites. All of your saved destinations are always synchronized with the navigation system in your vehicle. The map display has different levels which allows you to see a detailed overview of the current traffic situation or the range of your vehicle. After entering a destination in the app, you can send it to your vehicle. When you are ready to leave, you will have the option to start the First Mile Navigation. First Mile Navigation provides you the short route to your Porsche if you have left it for example in a crowded parking lot. Once you are inside your Porsche, navigation to your chosen destination can be started by confirming a pop-up message. After you have reached your destination and parked your Porsche, Last Mile Navigation transfers seamlessly back to your smartphone so that you can be guided over the last few yards to your destination.

My Car
The homescreen of the Porsche Connect App, My Car, provides a visually appealing display of the most important information relating to the vehicle and access to vehicle-related services.

Under "Me", you can access your personal Porsche ID profile, find services and settings, and have an overview of your notifications. You can also save the login data of third-party music streaming services. A WiFi connection between your smartphone and the PCM is necessary to use music streaming services.