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Trip Control

Contained in: Car Remote Package

Check all of the trip data on your Sports Car.
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In My Porsche and the Porsche Connect App, Trip Statistics provide you the latest trip data of your vehicle at any time in any location. You can call up journey statistics as a general overview or on an individual trip. You can then see the information about the drive time, distance driven, as well as average speed and fuel consumption.

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Data Protection Notice
Service: Trip Control

With the "Trip Control" service, you can use My Porsche and your Porsche Connect app to retrieve information and statistics about the journeys made with your vehicle.

When the service is active, the wireless interface for vehicle-related services of your vehicle logs on to our system with the vehicle identification number. We need this information to be able to assign your vehicle to your user account and to check its authorization to use the service.

To provide you with information and statistics about the journeys made with your vehicle, your vehicle also transmits the distance covered, the duration, the average speed, and the average fuel consumption, both in relation to the current and continuous journey and the time since the last tank filling. A transmission takes place each time the engine is switched off and the trip is reset in your vehicle.

The information transmitted by your vehicle is stored in our system to display the trip data. The information is displayed in My Porsche as well as in your Porsche Connect app. The status is always stored in our system.

As a database for creating anonymized usage statistics, we store every service call by your vehicle or your customer interface together with your vehicle identification number and a time stamp for a period of 12 months.

By activating the private mode in the system settings of the PCM (Porsche Communication Management = central control unit for audio, navigation and communication) of your vehicle, you can deactivate the data transfer with our system via the wireless network connection of the interface for vehicle-related services of your vehicle. Deactivation does not include data transmission for certain emergency services. By activating the private mode or, alternatively, by disabling the remote access in the system settings of the PCM of your vehicle, you also prevent access to information in your vehicle via My Porsche or your Porsche Connect app. As a result, the functionality of the service may be restricted or may no longer be available.

Further information on data protection at Porsche Connect can be found in our Privacy Policy.