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Concierge Service

With the Concierge Service, you can obtain information or have bookings and reservations made at any time in your Porsche.


incl. 6% VAT

1,700 元 / Year

3 months included for free.


You have wishes or questions? The answers are at your fingertips. Whether you're looking for a phone number or a restaurant recommendation, or if you would like to book a flight: the Porsche Connect Concierge Service will be happy to assist. 24/7. It transmits addresses you are looking for to your Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system, makes reservations, for restaurants etc., or books flights, hotels and hire cars for you. With the Concierge Service, you have more time for your interests. Or more precisely, your Sports Car.

Data privacy information

The Concierge Service is your personal on-board assistant. A telephone service is provided for you through a call centre operating on our behalf. This service can plan and book itinerary destinations and activities for you while you travel, and if you wish can also send addresses or destinations by radio network connection directly to your vehicle’s PCM (Porsche Communication Management = the central control unit for audio, navigation and communication).

The services provided by the Concierge Service include hotel and restaurant reservations, car park information, general information concerning public venues, flight bookings, and a ticket service.

When you select this service, your vehicle first of all logs into our system using the vehicle identification number. We need this information in order to allocate your vehicle to your user account and to check that the user is authorised to use the service. To enable you to receive a personal and location-specific concierge service, your vehicle also transmits your current location, your navigation destination and the system language you have selected in your car to our system. A call connection is then set up between the PCM and the Concierge Service.

For the Concierge Service we use a call centre that operates on our behalf, “Beijing YESWAY Information Technology Co., LTD.”, 9/F, ZhiXing Mansion, Beijing JiaoTong University West Gate, XiZhiMenWai, HaiDian District, Beijing, P.R.China 100044. When the call is set up with the Concierge, the phone number of the SIM card you use in the car will be transmitted (provided you have not activated any number suppression). The Concierge Agent can also see the position data you have already transmitted, as well as your customer data.
If you have stored a credit card number via your Porsche-Connect user account, the Concierge Agent can also, if you wish, make certain bookings for you for which payment is required. The credit card data will be stored exclusively by the third-party payment service provider “arvato distribution GmbH”, Gottlieb-Daimler-Strasse 1, 33428 Harsewinkel, Germany.

If you wish, the Concierge Agent can have your credit card data temporarily displayed during the call via a separate system. No credit card or payment-relevant information will be stored on our systems or the systems of the call centre operating on our behalf. The Concierge Agent will use the data exclusively for the purposes stated by you (e.g. to make reservations at external establishments in accordance with your instructions, where a payment has to be made for the reservation). At the end of the call the credit card data display also ends. Services for which payment is required can only be used by the customer who is registered as the main user.

Additionally, you can also pay for cost-based concierge bookings on your own. For this purpose, upon your request, the Concierge Agent sends out a text message or e-mail containing a payment link (for example, Alipay and Wechat pay) which can be used to pay for the concierge booking. In order to send out this payment link, the Concierge Agent needs to record your name, phone number or e-mail address in its system.

For statistical purposes, all data transmitted in connection with your request will be stored on our systems for 13 months after the transaction has been completed. The date, time and subject matter of your call, and the services provided, will be logged by the Concierge Service in our system for documentation purposes.   

Further information on data protection in regard to Porsche Connect can be found in our privacy statement.