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Wifi Data Package

A true sports car needs a high speed connection: Transform your Porsche into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

While you enjoy the ride in your Porsche, let your co-pilots go online. With the data package, all passengers can watch videos, the latest news or select the perfect music for the journey. All this via laptop, smartphone or tablet, for up to 8 devices at the same time.  Thanks to the built-in wireless hotspot, which uses the vehicle antenna for a perfect connection. Test the service with a free trial including 3GB for a validity period of 6 month.

The service package is not available. Please visit the Porsche Connect Store start page to obtain an overview of all available services.


  1.  Download the Porsche Connect App in the App Store.
    Visit the Apple AppStore/Google PlayStore and download the Porsche Connect App.
  2. Go to the My Car Section in the Porsche Connect App and follow the instructions.
  3. Conduct the Real Name Registration
    In accordance with the legal requirements of the People’s Republic of China, users must complete Real Name Registration (RNR) before purchasing Wi-Fi Hotspot data packages, using Music Streaming or Concierge Servies in their Porsche vehicles.
  4. Activate Free Trial or purchase Wi-Fi Data Package.
    You receive a free trial: 3GB in total with a validity period of 6 months. After the trial period additional connectivity can be purchased in form of Wi-Fi Hotspot data packages via the China Mobile Online Store (accessible via App).