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Porsche Connect

Service package with 2 services


Your digital co-pilot. Firmly on the road and connected to the world.

The service package is not available. Please visit the Porsche Connect Store start page to obtain an overview of all available services.


The perfect route in every respect.

The navigation services mean you're never alone behind the wheel. Just say "Hey Porsche" to activate the Voice Pilot and using online natural-language-processing, your car will respond intuitively to your commands. The Charging Planner acts as an intelligent supplement to route planning utilising data on the state of charge and the required stops. The Finder also shows you the location of the nearest charging station.

The best of entertainment and information while on the move.

Why not use the car journey as an opportunity to relax to your favourite Apple Music playlist
or use the News function to keep up with the latest political developments?
The Porsche Connect Infotainment Services include calendar synchronisation,
online radio stations from across the globe, weather information with live rain radar, as well as the latest news, while still keeping your hands safely on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Remote control for your Porsche.

To make your everyday routine even simpler, you can even operate your Porsche by remote control. Different services allow you to check vehicle data, location, air conditioning functions and lots more from a distance. That way you can always be sure of stepping into a perfectly air conditioned vehicle. Also, with E-Control, you always know just how far your Porsche will still take you.


*The Porsche Connect services vary according to model and country availability. For service availability in your vehicle, log into the Connect Store with your Porsche ID.