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Car Connect Services

Service packages for vehicles equipped with Connect or Connect Plus

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Whether you want to retrieve vehicle data or lock your car: using your smartphone and Porsche Car Connect is the perfect remote control for your Porsche. With Safety and Security services you can also help protect yourself if the worst should happen.

The service package is not available. Please visit the Porsche Connect Store start page to obtain an overview of all available services.


The closest possible connection between driver and vehicle has always played a decisive role when driving a Sports Car. Thanks to Porsche Car Connect - provided by Vodafone - this will now become even closer – no matter how far away you are from your Porsche. The smartphone app of Porsche Car Connect releases a host of useful options for you and your Porsche.

These include Remote Services, which allow you to access vehicle Information and to control certain functions in your Porsche remotely.

The Safety Services include crash and breakdown assistance in emergencies.

The Security Services help you to protect your Porsche against theft and to recover it if the worst happens.