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Safety Radar

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Take advantage of the network between your vehicle and other vehicles.
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All Porsche Sports Cars are networked with one another. Your Porsche can use this network to access shared, anonymised information from other vehicles – known as swarm data. 

The new Safety Radar gives you a warning if there has been an accident within the next kilometre, for example. This gives you the chance to prepare yourself in advance – to ensure the safety of you and your family and to allow you to concentrate on enjoying the rest of your journey.


Data privacy information

Data privacy information for services: Safety Radar service

The Safety Radar service allows you call up traffic signs for your location and route via a wireless connection in your vehicle or to display current hazard warnings near your location, along your route, or at your destination.

When you select the service in your vehicle, PCM (Porsche Communication Management, the central control unit for audio, navigation and communication services) initially registers with our system using the vehicle identification number.

To enable a connection to be established to your vehicle's PCM, a time-limited authorisation code is exchanged between the service providers' servers and your vehicle's PCM.

We require this information in order to assign your vehicle to your user account and to allow us to check that you are entitled to use the service. The legal basis for this is the fulfilment of a contract concluded with you.

In order to determine the current traffic signs and hazard warnings based on the location of your vehicle, your vehicle's PCM will transfer the current location, speed and direction of travel of your vehicle directly to the service providers' servers. 

The transmitted data is used to generate information about traffic signs and hazard warnings and to transmit this within the relevant area for the current journey.

The information is then assigned to your vehicle by our system and transferred to your vehicle's PCM. 

Your data will be stored for the duration of the query for this purpose and will then be anonymised. The legal basis for this is the fulfilment of a contract concluded with you.

In addition, details of traffic signs detected by a camera on your vehicle and, in corresponding cases, information about hazards detected by sensors on your vehicle may be transmitted by your vehicle to the service provider and stored by the service provider and used to improve the service or to add to the service's data, without providing your personal information or vehicle identification number.

The legal basis for this is our legitimate interest in improving the service and providing an up-to-date database.

We use service providers commissioned by Porsche to determine and provide the traffic signs and current hazard warnings.

Please note that the service provider's servers on which data is processed in the course of the service may also be located outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

You always have the option of deactivating the service in the system settings of your PCM. There is also the option of deactivating the service as part of the whole "Services with Geolocation" service group. 

The functionality of the service may be limited or eliminated by performing a general deactivation in the system settings.

For more information about data protection in Porsche Connect, please refer to our privacy policy at https://connect-store.porsche.com/hr/en/t/privacy.