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Radio Plus

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Thanks to the integration of Internet radio in PCM, you can now access the online channels of your favourite stations.
Ft49,900.00 / Year

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Whether it's the soundtrack to mark the end of a successful week at work or background music for a road trip with friends – you can look forward to every journey with great anticipation. Not just because of the unparalleled dynamics in your Sports Car. The Radio Plus service is available for the first time in your Porsche. Radio Plus is a combination of the Internet radio integrated in PCM and automatic switching between the FM/DAB/online radio sources. Your musical accompaniment is uninterrupted, even if there is interference with FM reception.

Thanks to the integration of Internet radio in PCM, you can now access your favourite online stations. You can sort the stations by popularity, country, genre and language. You can also stream podcasts via the Internet. To use the integrated Internet radio, you need a WiFi data package or alternatively a separate external SIM card with data.

Data privacy information

Data privacy information for services: Radio Plus service


The "Radio Plus" service allows you to access the integrated internet radio in your vehicle via a mobile network connection and to automatically switch between the radio sources FM/DAB/Online Radio depending on the connection quality.  For the radio stations in your current station list, your favourites or short cuts, you can also retrieve information online on DAB and FM reception parameters, online stream addresses, the current country, the current system language, the respective market and a mathematical image of the currently played audio (audio fingerprint) for identification of the artist or track, for example, and stream the corresponding radio station online.


When you select the service, your vehicle's PCM (Porsche Communication Management) initially logs into our system using the vehicle identification number.


To enable a connection to be established between your device and the required systems in order to display the location, a time-limited authentication key is exchanged between the servers of the service providers and your device.


We require this information in order to assign your vehicle to your user account and to allow us to check that you are entitled to use the service. The legal basis for this is the fulfilment of a contract concluded with you.


In addition, we also use this information together with the time at which the service was accessed (timestamp) for the purpose of creating a database for anonymised usage statistics. We store the information for a period of 12 months for this purpose. The legal basis for this is our legitimate interest in improving our service offering.


In order to permit use of the above-mentioned information and the online stream, a request is transmitted from your vehicle to the service provider after the connection has been set up. Information on your current radio playback and where applicable online stream is generated with the transmitted data. The information is then transmitted to the PCM of your vehicle. The data will be stored in our system for this purpose until the next status change and will be overwritten when the status changes. The legal basis for this is the fulfilment of a contract concluded with you.


For provision of the above-mentioned information and the online stream, we use service providers who are commissioned by Porsche. Please note that the servers of the service providers on which data is processed in the course of the service may also be located outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. 


You always have the option of deactivating the service by deactivation of the PCM wireless module. In addition, it is also possible there to deactivate the service as part of the overall service group "Individual service deactivation (Privacy Mode)".


The functionality of the service may be limited or no longer available after performing general deactivation in the system settings.

For more information about data protection in Porsche Connect, please refer to our privacy policy at https://connect-store.porsche.com/hu/en/t/privacy.