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Pacote Car Security

Proteja o seu Porsche utilizando o Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (sistema de rastreamento de veículos Porsche).


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309,00 € / Ano


Proteja o seu Porsche com o Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (PVTS) através de um sistema de deteção de roubo independente. Se for o caso, o veículo comunica automaticamente o alarme numa central de alarmes 24/7 – e você será pessoalmente informado através de uma chamada telefónica. O veículo é localizado e assegurado em colaboração com as entidades locais.

O PVTS Plus oferece-lhe proteção adicional: Ao transportar um Driver Card o veículo reconhece-o como condutor autorizado e desativa o sistema de alarme. Se o seu Porsche for conduzido sem que esteja um driver card no veículo, é enviado um alarme silencioso para uma central de alarmes e para a sua aplicação Porsche Connect.

Dados pessoais

Data Protection Notice
Service: Car Security Package

With the "Car Security Package" service, your vehicle sends a silent theft alarm (VTS alarm) to a security centre commissioned by Porsche, which initiates further steps to clear the alarm and recover the vehicle, when the theft warning system is triggered and when comparable event messages are sent via a wireless network connection. The information that a VTS alarm has been triggered can also be received via My Porsche or your Porsche Connect app. In addition, a VTS alarm may be triggered upon request and after validation by the security centre itself.

We use service providers commissioned by Porsche to operate a security centre. To activate the service, your customer data (including name, address, telephone number, security issues, language) as well as vehicle information (including VIN, model, colour, driver card ID, ECU information, license plates) are collected and stored on servers of the service provider.

When a VTS alarm is triggered in your vehicle, the wireless interface for vehicle-related services of your vehicle first logs on to our system with the vehicle identification number. We need this information to be able to assign your vehicle to your user account and to check its authorization to use the service. In order to process the VTS alarm, a time stamp, the position of the vehicle, the reception level and the antenna status of your vehicle, the reason for triggering as well as other technical system states (e.g. voltages, ignition status, distance until empty, tank level, special mode status, mileage) are transmitted to our system and from this point on are updated cyclically until the end of the VTS alarm.

The information transmitted by your vehicle will be transferred from our system to the service provider for the purpose of providing the service and will be stored in our system and on the service provider's servers for a period of 12 months in order to display the event and its history.

To be able to process a VTS alarm, this must be confirmed. To do this, the security centre staff will contact the customer on the stored telephone numbers and authenticate the customer via two security questions. After successful authentication, the validity of the alarm or theft is established with the customer. If no theft can be validated, the alarm is closed and the cyclic transmission is terminated.

To process the confirmed VTS alarm, security centre employees can locate the vehicle via the transmitted position information and forward the customer master data, vehicle information and a log of the information transferred from the vehicle to the responsible security authorities within the scope of the VTS alarm. This information is transmitted exclusively on the basis of legal permissions and in compliance with data protection regulations.

In addition, security centre personnel can send specific control commands to the radio interface of your vehicle to recover the vehicle.

In addition, in the event of a VTS alarm being triggered, our system will send a notification to the end device you have stored in My Porsche with a telephone number or connected via the Porsche Connect app. For the transmission of this message we use, depending on the operating system of your device, the message services of the service providers Google (for Android) and Apple (for iOS). Please note that servers of the service providers on which data is processed as part of the service may also be located outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

In the event of a VTS alarm, the above-mentioned data will be exchanged with our system and the service provider's servers via radio network connection and, if necessary, transmitted to authorities, despite activation of the private mode and deactivation of remote access in the system settings of the PCM (Porsche Communication Management = central control unit for audio, navigation and communication) of your vehicle.

As a database for creating anonymized usage statistics, we store the service call in connection with your vehicle identification number and a time stamp for a period of 12 months.

Further information on data protection at Porsche Connect can be found in our Privacy Policy.