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Whether it's politics, business or sport – the News service keeps you up to date with the latest developments during your journey.
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Popular services such as "Twitter" and "News" are available under the "News" service in your Porsche. You can have the business, politics or sports news read out by your Voice Pilot. Once you have set up your Twitter or News feeds in My Porsche, you can retrieve them via PCM and have them read out as well.

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Service: News

You can use the "News" service to call up personalized newsfeeds and Twitter messages in your vehicle via the wireless network connection.

My Porsche allows you to create personalized RSS newsfeeds according to your preferences. To receive newsfeeds in your language, your current system language will be sent to the news backend. In order to be able to retrieve Twitter messages from your user account on Twitter, you also have the option of entering your access data for Twitter under your My Porsche user account. This will generate a personal authentication key that will allow the PCM (Porsche Communication Management = central control unit for audio, navigation and communication) to authenticate your vehicle to Twitter for the purpose of retrieving Twitter messages from your Twitter account, which will be stored in our system.

When selecting the service in your vehicle, the PCM of your vehicle first logs on to our system with the vehicle identification number. We need this information to verify the permissions to use the service. As a database for creating anonymized usage statistics, we store the service call together with your vehicle identification number and a time stamp for a period of 12 months. To use the personalized service via My Porsche or via the PCM, you can register with your Porsche ID.

We use external providers for the creation and provision of news feeds and for the retrieval of Twitter messages. Please note that servers of Twitter and the service providers on which data is processed as part of the service may also be located outside the Republic of Albania. In order to connect to the PCM of your vehicle, a time-limited authorization key is exchanged between the servers of the service providers and the PCM of your vehicle.

After the connection has been established, you can use the PCM of your vehicle to call up your message feeds from the service providers or log in to Twitter. To authenticate yourself for accessing your Twitter messages, your Personal Twitter Permission Key will be sent to Twitter, Inc., 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. Porsche and the commissioned service providers process their content retrieved from newsfeed providers and Twitter in order to deliver it and otherwise do not access it.

Please note that we have no influence on the further collection, processing and use of personal data by Twitter and also do not have any influence on the place of data processing by Twitter. Therefore, please request information about the type, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data directly from the third-party provider.

By deactivating the PCM radio module in the system settings, you can deactivate the data exchange of your vehicle's PCM via the wireless network connection. As a result, the functionality of the service may be restricted or may no longer be available.

Further information on data protection at Porsche Connect can be found in our Privacy Policy.