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In sunshine, rain or snow: the current weather and the forecast are available in your Sports Car.
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Everybody talks about the weather: your Porsche knows what it will be like. The Porsche Connect Weather service shows the current weather and the forecast for the coming hours and days graphically and also in detail. The forecast includes temperature, number of sunlight hours, probability of rainfall, wind speed and weather warnings.

You can plan your journey comfortably on-the-go and decide en-route whether you want drive away from a shower or whether to brave the wind and weather. Because one thing is certain: every drive is a pleasure in a Porsche, even when the sun isn't shining.

Detailed data protection instructions for this service can be obtained from the product information in the Connect Store.

Data privacy information

Data Protection Notice
Service: Weather

With the "Weather” service, you can use your wireless network connection to call up current weather information in your area, at another location or at your navigation destination.

When calling up the service in your vehicle, the PCM (Porsche Communication Management = central control unit for audio, navigation and communication) of your vehicle first logs on to our system with the vehicle identification number. We need this information to verify the permissions to use the service. As a database for creating anonymized usage statistics, we store the service call in connection with your vehicle identification number and a time stamp for a period of 12 months.

We use service providers commissioned by Porsche to provide the weather information. Please note that servers of the service providers on which data is processed as part of the service may also be located outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. In order to establish a connection to the PCM of your vehicle, a temporary authorization key is exchanged between our systems and the PCM of your vehicle.

Once the connection has been established, the current location of your vehicle or a position selected by you (e.g. navigation destination) is transferred from the PCM of your vehicle to our systems, depending on the request. Based on this information, the service providers determine weather information within the area relevant to the request and transmit it to our systems, from where the information is sent to the PCM of your vehicle.

By deactivating the PCM radio module in the system settings, you can deactivate the data exchange of your vehicle's PCM via the wireless network connection. As a result, the functionality of the service may be restricted or may no longer be available.

Further information on data protection at Porsche Connect can be found in our Privacy Policy.