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Charging Service (Taycan)


The Porsche Charging Service simplifies the use of the public charging infrastructure (AC and DC charging points) by providing you access to over thousands of charging points across providers.


The service package is not available. Please visit the Porsche Connect Store start page to obtain an overview of all available services.


Overview of your Porsche Charging Service

The Porsche Charging Service integrates electromobility easily into your everyday life – digitally and flexibly. It combines all the charging options for electric vehicles and provides you with access to Electrify America’s national DC fast charging network. At any time, quickly and easily..

In addition to My Porsche and Porsche Communication Management (PCM), Porsche Taycan customers use the Porsche Connect App. For customers without a Porsche vehicle, My Porsche and the Charging App provide the necessary information. This means that both Porsche drivers and drivers of other brands benefit from the Porsche Charging Service:

  • Integration into the Porsche ecosystem
  • Registration and billing via the Porsche Connect Store
  • Cross-border use
  • Only one login and registration process for the customer
  • Transparent cost overview


You can conveniently display the desired e-charging station via PCM or the respective app. In PCM, the charging points contained in the Porsche Charging Service are marked with a specific icon (charging plug with asterisk). In addition, you receive real-time information on how many charging points are currently free, occupied or out of service at the respective location. The supported charging plug types and the maximum charging capacity are also displayed (restricted in PCM). Access or authentication at the e-charging station is performed via the Porsche Charging Service app. Porsche Taycan customers receive an exclusive 3 years of unlimited 30 minute charging access at all Electrify America stations included with the purchase of the car.